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Summer Camp Program

Summer is a great time for kids to explore and develop their interests while having fun. The weather is warm, there are plenty of outdoor activities, and the long days stretch ahead with many possibilities.

For parents, especially working parents, the question is always how to keep the kids busy and where to take them while you work. LDP Summer Camp program will help you make plans to keep your kids entertained and safe all summer long.

We give campers the opportunity to be active, think creatively and discover new friendships that will last a lifetime. LDP Summer Campers spend the summer swimming, climbing, crafting, exploring, hiking, participating in team activities, and just plain having fun while learning as well.

Kids have a choice of amazing activities that will have them enjoying the out-of-doors. Each week there is a different theme in which campers will participate.

Summer Camp for 2015 runs June 3 through August 14, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am until 5:30pm.  Registration begins April 8 for children 5 – 12 years. Please email us at info@lakedillonpreschool.com or call  970.468.1606 for more information.

Summer Camp Themes 2015

Week 1:  June 3rd – 5th

Theme:  Getting to Know You

Campers will spend the week getting to know their fellow campers.  Campers will participate in team building activities such as “The Human Knot”, “Pass the Hula Hoop” and Relay Races.  The week will end with a beginning “Let’s Celebrate Summer” Camp Picnic around Lake Dillon Reservoir.  Bring on the summer. 

Week 2:  June 8th – 12th

Theme:  FOOD 101

This week’s theme will have campers looking into different aspects of food and where it comes from…  They will tour Whole Foods along with City Market and work at the LDP garden to begin planting their own food!  The week will end with a trip to the Frisco BBQ to sample some good eats. 

Week 3:  June 15th – 19th

Theme:  Geology 101

How are mountains formed?  How do rivers and lakes start?  Campers will take this week and learn about the science around them.  What makes our climate unique?    Where does all the snow go?  Science experiments will be throughout the week and campers will take a trip to The Country Boy Mine in Breckenridge. 

Week 4:  June 22nd – 26th

Theme:  Back in Time

What a week to explore the history of Summit County!  Campers will tour of the Frisco Historic Park and learn about what happened to Old Town Dillon.  They will tour the old Dillon School house, the Edwin Carter Discovery Center in Breckenridge and participate in a “Explore Lake Dillon” tour on the Lake Dillon Reservoir.   

Week 5:  June 29th – July 3rd: 

Theme:  Red, White and Blue

Campers bring your bikes!  Campers will spend the week biking around the trails of Summit County.  As well, time will be spent for those who want to “decorate” their bikes for any 4th of July parade participation.  No camp on Friday, July 4th. 

Week 6:  July 6th – 10th:

Theme:  Let’s Get Wet!

Does your Camper like the water?  If you answered yes, then this is their week!  Campers will spend the week getting wet at the Silverthorne Rec Center and Breckenridge Rec Center as well as some fun water play at the local parks.  The week will end at the 20th Celebration of the Silverthorne Rec center with a Waterslide event at Rainbow Park. 

Week 7:  July 13th – 17th

Theme:  Camping 101

Do your little campers like to camp?  This week will be spent learning all about the basics of camping and the safety aspects of camping.  What are poisonous plants?  How to read a compass?  How to follow a map?  Campers will build a camp site around a local spot and learn along the way. 

Week 8:  July 20th – 24th

Theme:  Hikes Galore!

Campers put on your hiking shoes!  This week will be spent with a few Forest Ranger guided hikes throughout some great areas of Summit County.  Hikes will include Lilly Pad Lake, Breckenridge Open Space, and more.  Along the trails, campers will learn about native flowers and animals of Summit County. 

Week 9:  July 27th – 31st 

Theme:  You Be a Star!

Campers will be the STARS this week!  The week will start with a movie in which everyone will play a part.  They will work on this movie around Summit County, edit and show the final product at the end of the week.  Welcome budding artists! 

Week 10:  August 3rd – 7th

Theme:  Campers in the News!

Do you have a budding reporter in your family?  What makes the news in our town?  Campers will spend this week visiting the local news areas around Summit County and learn how we get the news.  Campers will create their own “newsletter” and share the experiences of the summer. 

Week 11:  August 10th – 14th

Theme:  End of Summer Celebration!

Campers will spend the week saying goodbye to summer!  Camper’s choice will take front stage this week while everyone will get to pick their favorite activity and the week will end with a farewell to summer barbecue at a local park.     

**activities subject to change