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Sun Bears

Sun Bears: 1.5 to 2.5 years

You now have a full-grown toddler with growing independence!

Our Sun Bear room, for late 1-year-olds, is full of FUN and exciting learning experiences. This is a key time for your child to learn how to express themselves. Goals for this age include separation, socialization, introduction to body parts, language development, shapes, colors, and fine- and gross-motor skills.

Toddlers are also learning about the world around them. Verbal communications and interactions are encouraged in an environment rich in opportunities for social exploration and language development. As friends become a greater focus at this age, your child will begin to develop relationships that will continue to grow throughout their years.

Your toddler will enjoy learning through stories, music and movement, nursery rhymes, sensory and art activities, and games with experienced and loving teachers guiding the way.