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1. Are your teachers trained in the field of Early Education?
Absolutely! Our teachers are Lead Teacher qualified, and must take 15 hours of continuing education every year per the State of Colorado. They are certified in CPR, First Aid and Universal Precautions.

2. What are your hours of operation, and do you offer care year round?
We are open from 7:00am – 6:00pm Monday through Friday. We are open year round but closed for the six major holidays.

3. What are the child/teacher ratios?
We strive to meet quality ratios, which are as follows:

  • Teddy Bear room: 1 teacher to 3 babies
  • Bear Cub room: 1 teacher to 4 one-year-olds
  • Sun Bear room: 1 teacher to 5 two-year-olds
  • Grizzly Bear room: 1 teacher to 6 two-year-olds
  • Panda Bear room: 1 teacher to 8 three-year-olds
  • Polar Bear room: 1 teacher to 10 four-year-olds

4. Do you follow any type of curriculum?
Yes, we follow the Creative Curriculum approach. We feel that children learn best through a play-based curriculum, and our classrooms are set up to offer a variety of learning experiences.

5. Do you offer lunch/snack?
We provide a morning snack, a nutritious hot lunch, plus an afternoon snack for all children enrolled from ages 10 months and up.

6. What if my child has a food allergy?
We work very closely with both parents and our health care consultant to develop an action plan specifically to meet the child’s needs. Teachers are trained to take necessary precautions without drawing attention to the child.

7. What if my child has a fever? Are you allowed to give him medicine?
We are not permitted to give medication without a doctor’s note. If your child is taking medicine, once we have the note from the doctor, the medication must be in the original container and will be administered to your child by a trained staff member as directed.

8. Are there half days available?
Half days are allowed only in the Panda and Preschool (3- through 5-year-old) rooms.

9. Do we pay monthly or bimonthly?
Tuition is due by the 5th of every month, unless other payment arrangements have been made with the Director.

10. Do the children spend time outdoors?
Yes! Even in the winter, we will go outside every day unless the temperature is below 20 degrees. Appropriate clothing is a must: snow clothes and boots, hats & gloves; appropriate play and walking footwear and sunhats in other seasons. Lake Dillon Preschool has a great set of outdoor playgrounds that are age-appropriate and the classes frequently go on walks around the Town of Dillon and to local parks.